September, 2014 — DekaTron Corporation announced today that our Prime Contract for IBRM it has been extended to continue supporting the Department of Veteran Affairs. Some of the work of that we developed in the VA is:

Developed an agency-wide survey designed to effectively collect data related to customer satisfaction with IT services provided by the VA Office of Information Technology (OIT) for all VA Hospitals.

We collect and evaluate IT Service performance data, and are responsible for oversight of the IT Customer Service/Satisfaction Analysis and Reporting Project, which stands up the data warehouse/dashboard technical infrastructure needed to collect, analyze, and create reports on IT customer satisfaction, service level performance, and recommendations for service level improvements.

We collect and analyze annual/bi-annual customer satisfaction and IT performance data, and cultivate quantitative and qualitative analysis white papers based on the completed analysis.

DekaTron employees actively participate in the VA’s Chief Information Officer Council, and assist in recommendations of policy.

DekaTron designs and maintains the standardized quality of service with IT and VA business leaders/stakeholders, focusing on service level establishment, adherence and communication via the use of service level requirements.

Our employees apply mastery level skills of mathematical and statistical analysis tools and techniques to include statistical inference, data mining and modeling.

We ensure the systems, processes, and methodologies, as specified, are followed to provided effective monitoring, control, and support of service delivery.

DekaTron employees generate statistical code that executes in an autonomous environment and fully considers error handling and exception conditions and can be used to directly obtain useful statistical reports from data.

DekaTron developed a full marketing campaign for Secretary Shinseki in support of the U.S. Veteran’s Administration, Office of Information and Technology’s IT Satisfaction Survey.

VA awarded the contract to DekaTron and was extended through a competitive procurement process in which all proposals were evaluated on the basis of technical merits, past performance and price in order to determine the best value to meet the government’s requirement.

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